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The Wikibiodata is a website that helps to feature new talent coming into the field like film, television, sports and etc. Our website provides such a platform in which anyone can put their talent in front of the whole world. Our hard work and your ability to create a similar platform, which can surely make you successful in any industry.

Terms And Conditions

• When creating a profile on The Wikibiodata, we can ask for a government ID for verification.

• We will be listed your profile on our website, after following some criteria which we have set.

• Some fixed prices have been set to create a profile on The Wikibiodata website which may have changed with time.

• No obscene content and product will be promoted on the website.

• Websites help promote you but do not guarantee success.

• No bargaining will be processed during profile making.

• The amount you pay will be non-refundable.

• On updating your information on the website, you will have to pay an extra charge.

• In case of dispute, Wikibiodata reserves the right to take the final decision on the interpretation of these terms & conditions and also reserves the right to resolve the same as per the Terms & conditions.

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