Peter Pan & Wendy (Hotstar) Cast & Crew, Release Date, Actors, Wiki & More

Peter Pan & Wendy (Hotstar): Film Cast, Wiki, Real Name, Crew Details, Release Date, and More.

Peter Pan & Wendy

Peter Pan & Wendy is an American fantasy adventure film directed by David Lowery, who wrote the screenplay with Toby Halbrooks. Jim Whitaker served as producer on the Walt Disney Pictures production, which is a live-action adaptation of Walt Disney’s 1953 animated film Peter Pan, in turn, based on the 1904 play Peter Pan; or, the Boy Who Wouldn’t Grow Up (also known as Peter and Wendy) by J. M. Barrie. Peter Pan & Wendy was released on 28 April 2023, only on Disney+ Hotstar. Here’s the full list of cast and crew of “Peter Pan & Wendy”:

Peter Pan & Wendy Cast:

  • Alexander Molony as Peter Pan, a young boy who lives in Neverland and refuses to grow up.
  • Ever Anderson as Wendy Darling, an adventurous and virtuous girl from London who travels with her little brothers John and Michael and Peter to Neverland.
  • Jude Law as Captain Hook, a pirate and Peter’s archenemy who developed a vendetta towards Peter for cutting off his right hand and feeding it to a crocodile who has since developed a taste for his flesh replacing his hand with a hook. In contrast to the original play, by Barrie, 1904’s “Peter Pan, or The Boy Who Wouldn’t Grow Up” and later Peter Pan adaptations, which have Hook share the same actor as George Darling, the role will be performed by a separate actor instead of Alan Tudyk.
  • Yara Shahidi as Tinker Bell, a hyperactive fairy and Peter’s best friend who is jealous of Wendy.
  • Joshua Pickering as John Darling, Wendy’s little brother and Michael’s older brother who travels with them and Peter to Neverland.
  • Jacobi Jupe as Michael Darling, Wendy and John’s little brother who travels with them and Peter to Neverland.
  • Alyssa Wapanatahk as Tiger Lily, a warrior princess of Neverland’s indigenous tribe and the daughter of the chief who is Peter’s friend. Wendy is slightly jealous of her believing that she has a crush on Peter.
  • Jim Gaffigan as Mr. Smee, Captain Hook’s loyal first mate who does not always offer much help.
  • Molly Parker as Mary Darling, Wendy, John, and Michael’s mother from London.
  • Alan Tudyk as George Darling, Wendy, John, and Michael’s father from London who works as a bank accountant.
  • Noah Matthews Matofsky as Slightly, a lost boy.
  • Sebastian Billingsley-Rodriguez as Nibs, a lost boy.
  • Skyler and Kelsey Yates as Tudy and Rudy, twin lost girls.
  • Florence Bensberg as Curly, a lost girl.
  • Caelan Edie as Tootles, a lost boy.
  • Diana Tsoy as Birdie, a new lost girl.
  • Felix De Sousa as Bellweather, a new lost boy.
  • Deborah Ramsay as Older Wendy
  • Paloma Nuñez as Mrs. Starkey
  • Paul Cheng as Scrimshaw Sam
  • Garfield Wilson as Gurley
  • Jesse James Pierce as Skylight
  • Roy Dilbert as Chorus Pirate
  • Tony Chris Kazoleas as Chorus Pirate
  • Nick Preston as Chorus Pirate
  • Mike Ching as Dirtbag Benny
  • Rod Megill as Pirate Crew Member
  • Gemita Samarra as Mermaid
  • Cassie Van Wolde as Older Wendy
  • Stuart Murray as Pirate
  • Kevan Cameron as Black Matthew
  • Marcel Robert as Pirate
  • Marguerite Kalhor as Puppeteer
  • Gia Lucente as Toddler Wendy
  • Douglas Podzun as Pirate Crew Member

How to Watch Hotstar Peter Pan & Wendy

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  • Search ‘Peter Pan & Wendy’

Peter Pan & Wendy

 Available On:- Disney+ Hotstar

Language:- Hindi

Release Date:- 28 April 2023

 Genre:  Crime

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